Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Campaign Has Foot in Mouth

How in the world can John McCain pick Sarah Palin an unknown governor from Alaska after criticizing Senator Obama in ads for months as not having the experience to be President? Does McCain think he will magically get the woman vote now?

The McCain Campaign and his right wing minions on radio and Faux News have constantly stated that Senator Obama is a Junior Senator and can not possibly have the experience to be President, yet the McCain choice to be one heart beat away from the Presidency is a first term Governor from an underpopulated State. This is typical of the lies and distortions of the Republican Party and the McCain Campaign.

Governor Palin might have caught the eye of the McCain Campaign because she is under an ethics investigation which the Republican Party seems to admire. Let's think about all the Republicans who had to resign, and those that didn't since the Bush Administration assumed power. The list is almost endless, so I guess that having a Vice Presidential Candidate running for the Republicans who is under investigation does not bother them in the least.

McCain has already admitted no knowledge of the economy, will a first term governor be able to guide him through the complexities of the U.S. Economy? John McCain's foreign policy statements have been absurd, will a first term governor help him understand the international community, will she teach him about Czechoslovakia? Her son in in the Army and being deployed to Iraq just as Senator Biden's Son, is that why he chose her, to be able to say that his running mate also has a son being deployed? Most likely because John McCain thinks that it is honorable to send our Military to occupy a Country.

As odd as the McCain pick seems, it is not as odd as the McCain statements of the last few months. McCain thinks that people who earn 5 million dollars are middle class, that the recession is mental, that the American Families that are suffering because of the Republican Policies are whinners, and that continuing to burn fossil fuels and subsidize the fosil fuel industry is good for the future of America.
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