Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain Not A Maverick

Senator McCain is now going around the country calling himself a "Maverick". I can think of a lot of words that define Senator McCain's political career but "Maverick" is not one of them. The McCain Campaign is riddled with lobbyists and old time politicians who have supported the Corporate Government of G.W. Bush and think that Ronald Reagan was a Great President. Senator McCain should use the online dictionary where he would see that one of the definitions of a Maverick is: 2. a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. then he would know that he is not one. McCain's entire campaign is run by Corporate Lobbyists. His Campaign manager has lobbied for foreign governments, and has even lobbied McCain, what kind of dissenter is he? What has he dissent from? The only dissent I can recall easily is when he dissented from making Martin Luther King Day a Federal Holiday, he did dissent from that, so therefore he is a Maverick.

The American People must be vigilant. The McCain Campaign is using the same tactics that worked so well for the Bush Campaign, redefine your opponent as something that he is not, and define yourself as something that you are not. Senator McCain represents nothing more than another Corporate Politician beholden to the Corporate Lobbyists. Just look at his latest mantra, drill here, drill now. If drilling here and drilling now would benefit the American People why does Exxon Mobil export oil extracted from Federal land?

The next President will have his hands full extracting us from wars and extracting the Corporate policies of the Bush Administration from the lives of the Citizens, the last thing we need is a President with lobbyists in control of the White House. Don't be fooled again, Senator McCain does not represent the interests of the American People or the foundations of our Great Government, what he does represent is a politician tied inextricably to the Corporate Lobbyists who support and work for his Campaign. The Lobbyists who will hand over the crumbs left by the Bush Administration to the Corporatist. This time vote in YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST, VOTE FOR A BETTER AMERICA.

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