Tuesday, August 5, 2008

McCain Pushes Phony Issues

Senator McCain continues with the drill here, drill now mantra. He went before a crowd in SD and laughed at Senator Obama's suggestion that people properly inflate their tires, which even the Department of Energy says will inprove your gas milage by 3.3%. Of course the McCain campaign keyed in on one sentence in a 7 page energy plan by Senator Obama. He completely ignormed a;ll the other progragms and intiatives that would reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and lead us to to a new age of clean, renewable, sustainable energy.

The new McCain Republican trick is to say that Congress went on vacation while there is an energy crisis. Some House Republicans are staging a phony take over of the House calling on a vote for off shore drilling. McCain keeps calling on Congress to return and vote, will he show up? Senator McCain has missed over 72 votes in the last eight months. What a phony.

Drilling here, drilling now will not affect gas prices now or in the future. Invading Iraq affected gas prices more than all the oil in the ocean. The Republicans controlled policy for six of the last eight years, they did not act on Energy. Now that the Democrats have the thinnest majority of any Congress they are trying to make the American People believe that the Democrats are the cause of high f\gas prices. Could it be that we have a President and Vice President that are oil men and have failed to present any energy program for the People but have made sure that the dying fossil fuel industry will make excess profits off the remaining fossil fuels on the public lands of America?
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