Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain VP adds to Lack of Knowledge

John McCain picked the Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. Although I was not thrilled with Senator Obama's pick of Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate at least I can understand the reasoning. Senator Biden offers the Obama ticket international expertise and legislative prowess. What will Governor Sarah Palin offer to the McCain ticket?

Governor Sarah Palin is the Governor of a State that is flush with cash and does not need to provide services to a major population. Her economic expertise is questionable, her international expertise is non-existent and her vision of the American future is the typical Republican Party line. The only reason that the desperate McCain campaign could have made the choice of Sarah Palin is in hopes of capturing the woman vote that feels disenfranchised by the defeat of Senator Clinton.

Senator McCain has run a campaign based on slandering Senator Obama as a celebrity, and now he picks a real celebrity, a former beauty pageant contestant, Sarah Palin as his running mate. Senator McCain now reveals that he has no concern for the American People by choosing a second in command who absolutely has no experience to be able to take over the reins of the Presidency should McCain die in office. Senator McCain clearly shows by this pick that winning and the power of the Presidency is his only concern, not the future of the Nation or the Welfare of The American People.
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