Sunday, August 17, 2008

Repost - Solutions For A Growing America - Part 2

The security of America was not enhanced by the invasion of Iraq, or by its occupation. The Treasure of America was squandered and the lives of good Americans are being wasted on a daily basis. Many Americans believe that the invasion and occupation was wrong but now fear that withdrawing the Military now is also wrong. They fear that it will be looked at as a U.S. surrender and somehow make the U.S look weak on the world stage. Americans believe this because of the propaganda that they have been force fed by the Bush Administration and their neo-con media minions. Admitting wrong and correcting it is an honorable course.

America must admit that the invasion of Iraq was a wrongful act by a rouge administration and bring in a real International Coalition to stabilize Iraq. Ideally a Coalition comprised of the Arab League would be the International Force that is most capable of dealing with the security issues in Iraq. The Arab League would bring in a force that speaks the language, knows the customs, and is better equipped to deal with the civil unrest.

With an International Coalition in place the United States can withdraw its military systematically, without causing security concerns and without leaving equipment behind. An International Coalition could secure the oil fields and production facilities and put Iraq back into the business of producing oil and wealth for its people. The Congress does not have the foresight to engage the Arab League, maybe the new President will. By leaving Iraq in the the hands of an International Coalition the United States can again redirect its treasure and people to the business of rebuilding America. After the last even in a half years there is much to be rebuilt and much to move forward with, If the same budget that was spent on Iraq for the last 5 years is spent domestically, for the next 5 years, America could once again move in the direction of being the shiny city on the hill with dignity and world respect.

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