Sunday, August 3, 2008

Republican Stunts

Judging from the comments posted across the Internet it seems that the Republicans with the help of their media minions have been able to twist the judgement of the suffering middle class again. The House Republicans pulled a stunt on Friday in which they refused to leave the House Floor after the session was adjourned, they staged what they are calling a revolt. They are demanding that the house take up a vote on off shore drilling which they have somehow manged to convince some People will lower gas prices. Approving off shore drilling and drilling on Public lands is another giveaway to the multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry.

More free land for oil companies will not lower gas prices now or in the future. What will lower gas prices is a real energy plan that will fund and research alternative, sustainable, renewable energy sources which the Republicans have failed to respond to since 1977 when President Carter first tried to steer the Nation to a course of Energy Independence but was thwarted by the Republican Senators and Congressman. The small amount of funding he was able to get through the Congress was promptly cut by the Reagan Administration. So while you watch and read about the circus that the Republicans are planning this week remind yourself that the Republicans had total control of all three branches of Government from 2000 - 2004 and failed to act even once on any kind of Energy Plan.

If they really wanted to pass drilling bills, they could have easily enacted them between 2000-2004, but of course this is another of their phony issues that they trot out every election cycle and try to persuade the American People that they are the good guys. This time don't be fooled, the mess we are in is because of eight years of the Republican Bush Administration Policy. Do you wonder why we are paying so much for energy, could it be that we have an Administration run by Oil Men?
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