Friday, August 1, 2008

Republican's True Colors Shine

The Republicans showed their true colors today in a series of unrelated events. When the House of Representatives adjourned for the August recess the Republicans staged a mutiny on the floor led by Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and other Republican Congressman. At the motion to adjourn the Republican Minority Leader rose to oppose adjournment claiming that the failure of the Democratic controlled House to schedule a vote on off shore drilling was hurting the American Economy. What a joke, what is hurting the American Economy is eight years of Republican Policies and the leadership of the Republican Bush Administration. You can stick the drills in the ground right now, right this instant and there will not be any discernible affect on the price of gas or on the health of the American Economy. What will have a discernible effect on the American Economy is to admit that the Fossil Fuel Era is ending and point America on a path towards renewable, sustainable, alternative energy sources. The reasons that the Republican Administration keep pushing drill, drill, drill as an answer is to keep the money from the fossil fuel energy industries flowing into the lobbyists pockets that funnel the money to Republican Pockets. It is time to subsidising the fossil fuel industry and begin on a new path to clean renewable sustainable energy. The Republican show today on the floor of the House shows the total disregard for the institution of the Federal Government and every American should see through these antics and realize that the Republicans are seeing the writing on the wall and see that the American People do not believe their lies anymore Three years ago the Republicans controlled all three branches of Government, they had the opportunity to present a viable energy plan and they failed. They had an opportunity to pass financial reforms and oversight legislation that would have protected the American People from exurbanite Credit Card Interest rates and unscrupulous Financial instruments and they failed. The Republicans have failed to progress our Government and our Nation in every respect.

Later in the Day the McCain Campaign released the most tasteless commercial ever released before a Presidential election. A Commercial that derides the popularity and ideas of Senator Obama and that makes fun of a vision for a better America. Why? Because the McCain Campaign does not have any ideas to run on, there is not a single viable idea in the McCain Campaign so they will run against Obama instead of for the Presidency. McCain ideas that he has announced are: A Prize of Millions of Dollars awarded to a Corporation for developing a battery, subsidizing the coal industry, tax relief for the wealthy and the destruction of the Social Security Progragm. Not a single idea that will further the progress of our Nation, in fact all ideas that will keep our Nation on the path towards foreign ownership of our Nation. The Republican Bush Administration sold our Nation to the Middle east Sheiks and the Chinese Government, McCain will do no less.

Then during the day the Bush Family, Bush 41, Bush Jr., and Jeb Bush called the Rush Limbaugh show to congratulate him on twenty years, and to thank him for always supporting the Republican Bush Agenda of destroying the middle class and keeping the wealthy wealthy, and keeping the oil companies on the payroll of the American People. In their conversation with Rush, the Bush Men were gushing over what great fans they are of his, thanked him for all support and inquired how Roger Ailes (the Republican Media Mongol) was doing? It is clear by the conversation that the Bush Politicians ow a lot to the propaganda exposed by Rush and swallowed hook, line and sinker by the middle American Christians who have been used by this foursome to change the course of the Nation in a direction that destroys them and empowers the wealthy.

Yes, today we saw the True Republican Colors, the colors of lies, deceit, greed and soundbites. The Politics of distraction, instead of the Politics of Advancement.
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