Sunday, August 24, 2008

Senator Biden Wrong Choice

The choice of Senator Joseph Biden to be the Vice Presidential nominee by Senator Barrack Obama is contrary to how Senator Obama was able to achieve the presumptive nominee status. Senator Obama was the favorite of those opposed to the Iraq War policy. Sentor Obama also campaigned as if he was also opposed to the Iraq War Policy. Now he has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Senator Biden did not oppose the Iraq War Policy and as a Senior Senator did not lead against the Iraq War Policy.

So Senator Obama has already begun a dramatic shift from his campaign. If, as he said, Senator Obama was truly opposed to the Iraq War Policy, then he would not have decided on a running mate who did not oppose the war. The Democratic Party is a large Party with a diversity of ideas and agendas, however, Senator Obama's success in the primaries is directly related to his opposition to the War. How could he choose a running mate who did not use his influence to change the Iraq War Policy and to speak out against the failed policy.

During the Democratic Debates Senator Biden also said that Senator Obama did not have the experience to be the President, now what will he say as he becomes his running mate. It seems as if the Obama Campaign, after running an excellent primary campaign has now lost their way and are hell bent on alienating the voters and supporters who backed his candidacy from the beginning. Senator Biden is the wrong choice to a majority of the Democratic constituency that supported Senator Obama. Is the Obama Campaign determined to lose the General Election?
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