Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senator Clinton Does the Right Thing

Senator Hillary Clinton did the right thing for the Democratic Party by delivering an eloquent speech that explained to her supporters the importance of electing a candidate who believes in the same issues and agenda. Mrs. Clinton explained that she will support Senator Barrack Obama's bid for the Presidency because the election of Senator McCain will be a disaster for the Nation.
Senator Clinton planted the seed in the minds of her supporters that it is more important for the Democratic Party to prevail in November than to continue the bitter dispute between the egos of Senator Obama and The Clinton's.

Tonight former President Clinton will speak and he will also implore the Clinton supporters to rally behind Senator Obama and reassure the supporters of Mrs. Clinton that the best interest of the Party and the Nation will be the election of senator Obama as President of the Nation that is at a critical economic crossroads.

When Senator Obama speaks to accept the nomination he too must do the right thing and recognize the Clinton's and their accomplishments for the Nation and the party.
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