Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Choose a Future

The Upcoming United States Presidential Election is of grave importance to our Nation. Not that every election does not have importance, but this election cycle our nation stands at a crossroads that will dictate the future for many generations to come. From the standpoint of just the domestic issues that must be on a new President’s agenda, it is clear that the person taking the helm of the Presidency will have to be able to deal with a multitude of crisis at one tome or a very competent delegator of Authority. We all know that when you delegate a job it is not the same as doing it yourself, however the next President will surely need to delegate to experts in many fields and be able to trust their judgment and expertise.

The first task a new President will have on his agenda is the direction that the Nation will take on energy. Will we, as a Nation, continue to let conglomerates use national land to drill and mine more fossil fuels that they will sell back to the American People at unaffordable prices and that they export to other countries, or will we, as a Nation, decide that it is time for a new Era in Energy. An Era of clean, renewable, sustainable energy that will create new industries jobs ands economic opportunity for the American People. The Fossil Fuel Era is in its dying days. As a Nation we can ignore the dying and drain every last drop and microscopic piece of fossil fuel from our land, or we can decide that we would rather give birth to a New Energy Era. An Energy Era that will be fueled by science, research, innovation, and American ambition. Just as in World War II, the United States had to build a mighty Military in a couple of years, we must now build a new Energy Era in as short of time as possible.

The President and the Congress that make the decision to bring American to the path of a new Energy Era will have to withstand the Political Repercussions that will come from those who obtain an inordinate amount of wealth from the Fossil Fuel Industries. The Leaders that have the courage to lead us on the path of a new Energy Era must be aware that they will be ostracized from the Fossil Fuel Industries lobbying money and that they will become the target of the unscrupulous Politicians who will continue to feed at the oil pump and coal mines. The American People will have to become in tune to the empty words of those that defend the dying fossil fuel industry, and those that truly believe in a New America, an America of Energy Independence. Independence, means free of fossil fuels not producing more, no matter how much fossil fuel we can obtain, we, as a Nation, will never be energy independent as long as we relay on a finite energy source. Even if it is true that there is more than a hundred years of fuel left as the energy companies would have us believe, we must act now to free ourselves and our future from the bonds of burning our assets to produce energy.

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