Friday, September 12, 2008

The Election Nightmare

A few short weeks ago it seemed as if the American Public had finally realized that the last eight years of Republican Politics had nearly destroyed the Nation. It looked as if the Nation was really ready to embrace a new direction. The Democrat Senator Barack Obama had bucked his own party's establishment and wrestled the Presidential Nomination from the likely Democratic Heir, Senator Hilary Clinton.

The Republicans decided that the tried and true Politics of the Bush/Cheney Administration had worked so well that they would nominate someone who also believed in the policies of Republican failures. The Republicans nominated Senator John McCain.

The message of Senator Obama was so right and powerful that the Republicans were overshadowed. Senator McCain was crisscrossing the Country with the typical Republican Campaign tactic of creating issues where there weren't any and ignoring the real needs of the Nation.

Senator Obama chose Senator Joe Biden as a running mate. Senator McCain, not caring a bit that he is 72 years old with a history of cancer, and most likely will not live through his first term, chose Governor Sarah Palin, a self described Hockey Mom, a Creationist, and an avid supporter of the War in Iraq.

Senator McCain campaign with a banner behind him that reads Country First, but as we know when the Republicans name something or create a slogan the opposite is true. Some examples are, The Clean Air Act, which stripped away Government pollution mandates and created the most polluted air in decades. The Clean Water Act, which raised the acceptable levels of arsenic in drinking War. The Most Famous Republican slogan as George Bush Stood on the deck of an Aircraft Carrier in front of a Sign that Said, "Mission Accomplished", two months after he led an invasion on a Sovereign Nation without just cause, and 4,000 American Military Deaths ago. As over 140,000 American Military Personnel remain as an occupying force of a Sovereign Nation, we wonder exactly what Republican Mission was accomplished. The McCain Slogan of Country First is another inside Republican Joke, with the selection of Sarah Palin to potentially be the President of the United States it is plain to see that Senator John McCain couldn't give a damn about the Country, his only concern is John McCain, his ego, his power, his prestige and his wealth. No person in their right mind and possessing any concern for The United States of America could possibly put Sarah Palin in the position of possibly being in control of the Federal Government of the United States.

Senator Obama choice of Senator Biden was ridiculous, but Sarah Palin is just a total disregard for the Nation and the People. Senator Biden recently said that he was not the best choice for Vice President that Senator Biden could have made, I wholeheartedly agree. The Obama Campaign appears to have rolled over and died. When the McCain Campaign attacked Senator Obama's personal appeal as celebrity, the Obama Campaign has not scheduled any large events. The Obama Campaign should hold massive rallies in every major market to enlighten the populace and to spark a fire within the minds, and hearts of the Citizenry. The Citizenry must awaken and stop the Republican Politics of lies. The Democratic Party as a whole seems to have abandoned Senator Obama and are handing the Nation over to a clone of the Bush/Cheney Administration in the form of McCain/Palin. Wake up, before the nightmare of the last eight years continues for another four.

A quick reminder of what the last eight years of Republican Rule has brought us:
1. The Largest Budget Surplus turned into the Largest Budget Deficit
2. The Quickest Rise in Commodity Prices
3. The Fastest Rise in Poverty levels in over 45 years
4. The Occupation of Two Countries
5. The Department of Homeland Security
6. The Lies of Katrina
7. 9/11/01
8. The largest percentage rise in Hunger in America in 30 years.
9. Bank Failures
10. Home Mortgage Foreclosures
11. A Culture of Government Corruption
12. A Government for the Corporations and against the People
13. Torture
14. The collapse of FEMA
15. Decaying Infrastructure
16. The Energy Crisis
18. International Disgrace
19. The Destruction of the Bill of Rights
20. The deaths of over 4500 American Military Personnel in an unprovoked invasion.
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