Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John McCain Thinks We Are Idiots

John McCain today campaigned around the Country saying that the financial nightmare that is unfolding is the result of two years of a Democratic Congress.While the Right Wing Minions on the Radio were blaming it on the Clinton Administration. McCain now claims that he is an expert on the Economy, when in fact he publicly admitted that he doesn't know much about the Economy. Although he continues to deny this quote, we now have the magic of Video Tapes to prove that he said it. Hopefully the Video will stay up on YouTube, it seems that the McCain Campaign has a lot of people pressuring YouTube to remove Videos that are not in line with the new lies he tells.

Today he again promised that as soon as he is President he will get rid of the influences of Corporate Lobbyists. If he expects us to believe this John McCain Republican Lie , he should dismiss his entire campaign staff, who are almost all Washington Lobbyists. If fact a quick search on Query the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database will reveal that McCain received funds from 832 Lobbyists since April of 2008, now he expects us to believe that he will curtail the influences of Washington Lobbyists. Either John McCain has dementia and can't remember one day from the next or he is a stone faced, cold blooded liar who will say and do anything to win this election without regard for our Nation or the People.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are trying to paint themselves as the ticket to reform in Washington, John McCain has been in Washington for over 30 Years, what reforms did he accomplish? He voted with the Bush Administration over 90% of the time. He has been in the Lobbyists pockets for his entire time in Washington, now he wants to claim to be the fighter for the People.

He goes on in his new stump Campaign Speech to say that he will end earmarks, and that anyone who tries to get an earmark funding program will be made famous by his Presidency. Although McCain has claimed that he never pushed for earmarks a search of the Congressional Record will show you otherwise. Although Senator McCain is supposedly computer illiterate does he think the rest of us are? DSoes he think that all the Congressional Records on appropriations have been erased? Who will he make Famous, Himself? He says everyone will know the name of those who seek earmarks and lobbyists money. Let's start shouting those names out now, JOHN McCain, John McCain John McCain. Is he famous yet?

The audacity of this liar to stand in front of crowds day after day and tell lies is astounding. His campaign is being run by a protege of Karl Rove, who knows that if you keep repeating a lie it will be accepted. So, they have resorted to having him tell lie, after lie after lie.

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