Monday, September 29, 2008


This Sunday, September 28,2008 John McCain was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on This Week an ABC news Production. John McCain kept claiming to be a "Teddy Roosevelt" Republican; obviously Senator McCain doesn't know much about Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt had an agenda of regulating corporations; John McCain has proclaimed himself to be the "deregulator". Teddy Roosevelt supported the 8 hour work day, the right of workers to organize, workers’ compensation, and an income and inheritance tax on wealthy Americans. McCain opposes what he calls "the death tax" (Bush Jargon, there is not a "death tax" in America, what country are these nuts from?) and has voted against the minimum wage 19 times.
Teddy Roosevelt sought to protect Public Land from being ravaged by the Private Sector and instituted the Bureau of Fisheries and National Forest Service to protect the Public Land from the corporate greed.

Teddy Roosevelt was considered a Progressive, John Mccain can hardly be considered a Progressive, in fact he has embraced the moniker, "Conservative" on many occassions. Mr, McCain changes skin so many times it is a wonder he can reconize himself in the mirror.

McCain is willing to give away OUR public land to fossil fuel concerns in return for campaign contributories. How in the world does he think he like Teddy Roosevelt?????

This is a confused old man who should have retired years ago. Vote for a future for America.
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