Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look at The Mess You Made George

The Republican Talking Heads are all over the Right Wing Faux News and the Right Wing Radio Stations trying to lay the current fiscal nightmare at the feet of the Democrats, as if somehow the Democrats infiltrated the Executive and Regulatory Branches of The Federal Government and were running a shadow Government under the noses of the Republican Administration.

Did someone just wake up and realize that all the financial institutions were infiltrated by those pesky Liberal Democrats? Do they really expect the American People top believe this one? President George "Hoover" Bush was in office for 8 months when the 9/11/01 attacks occurred, yet the Republicans tried to lay the blame for the National Security Flaws at the feet of the Clinton Administration. Now 8 years later they are trying to lay the blame of the Fiscal Implosion at the feet of the Clinton Administration and on the Democratic Controlled Congress which has only had a slight majority for less than two years.

The REAL Villains are the Republican Bush Administration which followed the ridiculous philosophy of the Reagan Years to the extreme, and have removed all oversight of the Banking and Insurance Industries. The Tax Cuts for the top 2% of the Population that was suppose to grow the Economy, did not grow the Economy. The Average American Family has been making due with less and less in each of the last eight Years of The George "Hoover" Bush Administration and have had to sustain their lifestyles by going deeper and deeper into debt.

The Administration of George"Hoover" Bush has removed all sensible oversight and now they awaken to the Bankruptcy of our Nation which, they and they alone have created by their faulty philosophy of economics. If, in fact it were true that the laws passed in the late 90's are the cause as they are trying to say, then why in 8 years did no one do anything or say anything about what was happening. The Answer is clear, the cause is the incompetence of this Administration just as they were incompetent in protecting our Nation from 19 Arab Kids with Box Cutters, just as they were incompetent in capturing a six foot Arab walking around the desert with a dialysis machine and an entourage, just as they were incompetent in invading a Sovereign Nation, just as they were incompetent in responding to the disaster of Katrina. This Republican Administration has failed at every level, now they would like the American People to believe that it is the Democrats that have somehow failed them even though they do not control the institutions and Government Functions that are suppose to be Regulating the Financial Markets of the Nation.

All the evidence that is needed has been presented, the Philosophies of The Republican Party and their Implementations have been a disaster for our Once Great Nation. The American Populace should awaken now and never, ever elect another Republican Administration to be the care takers of our Government, they have failed miserably. Yes, John "Me First " McCain is one of them, no matter what he would like you to believe that he has bucked his own Republican Party, he is deeply entrenched in the Party, their ideals and their philosophies, and his campaign staff is all lobbyists who were paid by the very Corporations to have Government ease regulations, who are now seeking the Bailout.

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