Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain First

John Me First McCainSenator McCain now has a new laugh line in his speeches, he really does think this is all a game. Now he likes to throw in the line" that's not putting the Country First, that's putting Obama First" then stand there with that gleeful snicker like a little boy who just kissed his first girl. If the Nation wasn't in such Dire Straits and this election wasn't so important to the future of the Nation, watching McCain would actually be funny. The only one in this election putting themselves first is Senator John "Me First" McCain, who insists on running for the Presidency even though he knows that he is not qualified and most likely will not be able to fulfill his term due to health and age issues. Yet he decided to run to fulfill some kind of inexplicable ambition or narcissistic goal that he has buried within his mind.

Somewhere in McCain's mind he must feel that he is owed the Presidency for some reason that only he would know. Any Human Being who really cared about putting the Country first would look at their capabilities, examine what the Country would gain, what new and innovative policies and ideas could you bring to fruition and then decide to run if you had reasonable answers to these questions. Obviously Senator McCain's only reason for running for President is to fulfill a life long ambition and to heal the hurt of losing to George "Hoover" Bush in 2000.

Senator McCain offers our Nation more of the same failed Republican Policies that have sucked our Country into the pit of economic despair. He talks of drilling for oil, as if that is not an idea whose time has passed. He doesn't have a vision for the future of energy in the Nation. He makes general comments about the economy that has no basis in the actual world, "I would fire the S.E.C Chairman, if I were in The White House". The President does not have the authority to fire the S.E.C Chairman, but of course poor John "Me First" McCain will follow in the footsteps of George "Hoover" Bush and circumvent the law at every opportunity. (Just As Sarah Palin Did with the help of Republican Machine Lawyers)
Then he tells the Nation that he is an expert in Foreign Policy, yet he still thinks there is a Country called Czechoslovakia, he thinks Spain is in Latin America, he thinks Latin American Countries are our adversaries and he thinks Spain ( A NATO Member) is our adversary.

Then he tells us that the illegal occupation of Iraq is a a "War we Can Win". Who exactly is the enemy that he is going to defeat? He doesn't even know the difference between the opposing forces in Iraq, how is he going to"win"? He tells us that the "troop surge" was his idea and it is working, tell that to the hundreds who have died and been maimed since the "troop surge" began. Maybe what worked in lessening the violence was the payments that were made to the insurgents. In any case, he told CNN, that there are neighborhoods that are so safe in Iraq that General Peterus walks around without armored guards, yet hours later we were told by the army spokespeople that was simply not true, that the General is always well guarded and protected when making excursions out of the secure area where he resides.

Then "Mr. Country First" picks someone to succeed him that knows less about foreign policy and economics than he does, because that is really thinking about putting the Country First. Someone who thinks about the fate of the Nation would always nominate someone to succeed them that thinks that the world is 6,000 years old, and that you can be healed by the touch of a bishop, and that your Church has a portal to God, and that God dictates foreign policy, and that God blesses oil pipelines, because he really wants us to burn more fossil fuels and continue to pollute and destroy his creation. Yes, someone who believes that God wants us to invade Sovereign Nations in his name, maiming and killing innocent men, women and children to further the policy of God's worldview is really someone who we need in charge of our Military, because that would be putting "Country First".

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