Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain gets Palin Pains

John McCain was visibly annoyed today when answering a question about the vetting process of Sarah Palin before he chose her as his Vice Presidential nominee. When asked by a reporter if she was vetted enough, McCain kept walking and answered quickly that he thought it was enough and that he was glad that he chose her and on his face was that snide grin that he has when he answers uncomfortable questions, the same sly grin that President Bush uses when he is asked an uncomfortable question.

As much as the Republicans would like to present Sarah Palin as a person capable of leading the world's largest Military, the world's largest nuclear stockpile, and the free world, the facts just get in the way. Today's Republican mantra when the subject of Sarah Palin's ability to be the Leader of the free world, the most influential voice in NATO and a major partner in the complexities of the world economy, is a question instead of an answer. Today The Republican answer to the Sarah Palin question is, "Does Senator Obama have any executive experience?" Ignoring the fact that Senator Obama is an elected United States Senator and has presented himself and his agenda to millions of people throughout the Democratic Primaries and received over 18 Million Votes from United States Citizens who believe that he has the capacity to lead our Nation, the Republicans would like you to believe that Senator Obama's life work pales in caparison to Sarah Palin's term as a Mayor of a Town of 7,000 people and as an 18 month Governor of a State with a Population no larger than the city of Austin, Texas.

Contrary to the new McCain Campaign slogan, "Country First" the selection of Sarah Palin as his first major decision on the path to the Presidency, the selection of Sarah Palin, shows that what comes first to Senator McCain is the power that he craves in the office of the Presidency. The Sarah Palin selection is an insult to the more quilfied Republican woman Senators, Congresswomen, and Governors. Senator McCain did not select Sarah Palin because he was putting the "Country First". He selected her because she will ignite the Christian Republican base that has failed to get excited at the prospect of McCain Presidency and they are hoping to pick up votes from upset Hilary Clinton Voters. The first may work if the McCain can get the Christians to accept her even with some anti-Christan family values and her support of the death penalty. However, to assume that the women who voted for Hilary Clinton did so without regard to their affinity to her positions on the issues, is a real long shot. The McCain Campaign is basically hoping that they will fool women of conviction who see the past eight years of our government as being a leap backwards in civilized governance into voting for a former beauty contestant, who kills animals for sport, is a creationist, supports the continuation of the fossil fuel era and the pilfering of our public lands by corporate energy companies. This preposition by the McCain Campaign is ludicrous, women are not going to vote for a candidate who didn't even have a passport till 2007 to lead the free world just because she is a woman and Hilary Clinton is a woman.
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