Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Gums up the Deal

John McCain suspended his campaign for the Presidency and tried to get out of the first scheduled Presidential Debate claiming that the crisis in Washington needed his skills. Upon arriving in Washington Mr. McCain attend a meeting called for by the President. According to attendees at the meeting McCain contributing nothing to this meeting and in fact may have interfered with the delicate negotiations that were taking place by the Republican House members trying to hammer out an acceptable Bill.

The McCain campaign accidentally sent an internal memo to a reporter that told his campaign workers how to campaign while the campaign was suspended. Senator McCain should dispose of all his "Country First" posters because it is clear by his actions that the Senator has, does and always will put his blind ambition to be President "first".

After the interview by Katie Couric with McCain's hand picked Vice Presidential choice, the Nation is wondering exactly what Country he is putting first. By her answers and lack of answers it is clear that Sarah Palin has no business being the nominee for a major political party.

Aside from the debate answers that we will hear tonight from Mr. McCain, he should also answer exactly what was the point of the "suspended" campaign, why was Sarah Palin chosen, and is he capable of handling a crisis situation with an even temperament.

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