Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain Ignores The Middle Class

If you watched the Presidential Debates you will have noticed that Senator John " Me First " McCain failed to mention the plight of the middle and working class. He talked about tax breaks for the wealthy and tax breaks for Corporations but not once did he mention the words "Middle Class" or "Working Class" or the impoverished of our Nation. In the mist of negotiations for the largest Corporate Welfare Package, Senator John "Me First" McCain is still claiming that giving tax breaks to the wealthy, the Corporations and lowering the Estate Tax will grow thew Economy.

Obviously, Mr. McCain doesn't see the sun when it shines. The collapse of the American Financial System is a direct result of the faulty economic philosophy and policies of the Republican Party led by President George "Hoover" Bush. Although Mr. McCain insists that he is a "Maverick" and bucks his own Party, he still clings to the economic policies put forth by the Republican Party which have landed us in the fiscal quagmire that our Nation is now wading through. Senator McCain has one goal, that is to be elected to the Presidency because of an egotistical assumption that he deserves to be the President because he did his time playing second fiddle to the Bush Administration.

Senator McCain will undoubtedly continue that same policies that have stripped away the economic security of the Citizenry of our once Great Nation. It is very clear where Mr. McCain stands, he stands with the Corporations that feed him his contributions and with the lobbyists that guide his campaign and he does not care one iota about any other class in American other than the those that have large fortunes to contribute to him , his campaign and his Party.

If Americans would look beyond the Madison Avenue advertisements they would see that their own best interest is not envisioned by Senator McCain. He uses the same techniques that the Republicans have used in the past. Last night in the Presidential Debate Senator McCain said," The American People know me very well, they know my record". The American People should not forget the McCain record, he has voted against a raise in the minimum wage 19 times, he has voted against Veterans benefits 17 times and has voted for tax cuts for the rich and Corporations every time he was asked to by The Republican Party. Senator McCain is wrong for the future of America, his policies will perpetrate the failed policies of the Bush Administration and the Republican Policies that have failed since Ronald Reagan.
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