Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain VP Choice Still Stunning

Now that the McCain VP Choice, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, a Governor for all of eighteen months begins to get some media scrutiny the foolishness of this choice becomes all the more apparent. The McCain campaign and the right wing media minions of the Republican Party are now hounding a talking point that Ms. Palin has more experience in Governance that Senator Obama. Their argument hinges on the facts that she was the mayor of a town of 7,000 and a Governor for 18 months. They conveniently forget to mention facts such as, she didn't even have a passport until 2007. It is hard to fathom someone running the United States who knows nothing about the rest of the world.

It has also been noted that Sarah Palin is a Creationist, and supports Creationism being taught in Public Education as a matter of Public Education Policy. It is beyond resaon to think that the lessons of Creationism should be taught in the Public Education System. Those that preach Creationism believe that the Bible is the literal story of the creation of the earth and her inhabitants. How can our Nation survive having a President that ignores all scientific facts and would rather govern based a fairy tale?

The McCain Campaign is trying to paint Ms. Palin as a victim of a media slander campaign, staing the beliefs and public knowledge of Ms. Palin is not a media conpiricy, but rather a natural exploration of the unknow person that McCain has determined is the best person to run our Nation should he be elected and die in office. Mr. McCain stands behind, in front of, and on a slogan at his campaign rallies that says, "Country First". The reality of Senator McCain's actions are that he does not care one bit about the Country, his only concern is assuming the Presidency at all costs even at the expense of the welfare of our Nation. The proof is that he would nominate someone like Sarah Palin as the stewart in waiting of our Nation. Ms. Palin could not even state what the McCain Policy is on Iraq when questioned on the day of her introduction to the Nation. This is more than perculicar that Senator McCain would nominate someone who doesn't even know the issue on which he portends to be an expert.

The Palin nomination was for two purposes, to appeal to the disenfranchised Hilary Clinton Voters, who are so disillusioned that they feel they can not vote for Senator Obama, and to appeal to the Evangelistic Christians becuase Ms. Palin is being painted as an Creationist Christian. As usual that which they preach they fail to practice as it was announced today that her 17 year old daughter is expecting a baby out of wedlock, which is fine as long as Ms. Palin does not start preaching family values as an agenda of the McCain Campaign.

Mr. McCain has obviously not even thought of the Country when he made this nomination and it is clear that the only thing he puts first is his rise to the Presidency.
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