Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Must Rally the Troops

The McCain Campaign continues to bring the Presidential race down to the reactionary politics for which the Republican Party is famous. Without going through the phony issues of the day that the Republicans try to lay at the feet of Senator Obama.

Senator Obama must have the conviction and the immediacy of to answer the lies, distortions, and phony claims that the Republicans will come up with on a daily basis. There is no excuse this time, the money is there, the organization is in place, the Democrats should have learned from the Gore and Kerry mistakes. Every lie, and distortion must be answered forcefully and immediately by not only the Obama campaign but also by the legions of Democrats that hold Public Office and the Leaders of the Parity. No attack can go unanswered no matter how absurd or how frivolous the charge, it must be answered forcefully and quickly. The Obama Campaign can not allow this McCain nonsenses to stand Even for one news cycle. The Obama Campaign must answer in the same news cycle and get Video out across the Nation.
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