Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama Outshines McCain

Senator Barrack Obama displayed why he should be the next President in the first debate with Senator John McCain. Senator Obama thoughtfully explained his positions, vision and reality of the current plight of our Nation caused by the Bush Administration with the support of John McCain over 90% of the time.

John McCain stayed true to his campaign slogans which has has been taught by his Rovian handlers and worked the same tired lines in too as many answers as he could. The reality is clear and could not have been driven home any better than the events of this week. The Nation has been destroyed by the policies of the current Administration and the Republican economic philosophy that John McCain supports. He showed the Nation tonight that he is a tired old man that should have retired years ago. He wants to continue to occupy Iraq so that the American Blood and Treasure that the Republicans spent there is not wasted. Senator McCain that blood and Treasure has already been wasted, wasted by a cowboy diplomacy of the President that you voted with 9% of the time.

This week's events, the largest Bank seizure by the Government in our National History, the President telling the Nation that we are on the verge of an Economic Collapse unparalleled in the History of the United States should be enough for any thinking person to realize that John McCain and the Republican Party have nothing of substance to offer our Nation nor her People. Vote like the survival of our Nation depends on it, because it does!

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