Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin And First Dude "Screw The Law"

The Arrival of the Republican lawyers of the Bush Regime, The Republican Party and the McCain Campaign gave the Palin's the courage to say to the State Legislative Investigation Committee that they will not answer the Subpoena issued to the First Dude. The reason given was that it was a partisan investigation and they would not comply. Ms. Palin is a Republican, The Legislature of Alaska is a Republican dominated body, the District Attorney is a Republican where is the partisanship here? Am I missing something it is Republicans investigating Republicans. The Investigation was initiated before Sarah was plunged on to the National Scene by the very unpatriotic choice of John McCain.

So, we can already see the flashes of the Bush Regime in Sarah Palin, just as Bush ordered his people not to comply with Congressional Subpoenas, Ms. Plain has already decided that She and the First Dude do not have to comply with the Law. Is there a truth that they would like to hide from the electorate, obviously!

Whatever happened to the safeguards that an aggressive, investigative Press offered our Democracy. They have let themselves be branded by the Republican Propaganda Machine and are afraid to perform the service that they should be providing, digging up truth and presenting it to The American People. The lies surrounding this investigation is indicative of the lies that the Press refuses to catapult onto the National Scene for fear of being besmirched by the Republican Propaganda Machine. Reporters should seek Truth, and Vice Presidential Candidates should not give the middle finger to the law.
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