Wednesday, September 24, 2008

President Hoover Speaks to The Nation

In a Special Heart to Heart Talk with the American People President George "Hoover" Bush addressed the Nation on the economic catastrophe that is facing the Nation because of his Republican Administration's lack of oversight and enforcement of the regulations upon the Corporations and Corporatist who support the deregulation of the "Free Markets" and the failed policies of the Republicans.

President George" Hoover" Bush let the American People know that there is no choice but to accept his Republican Administration's Bailout Plan. The President told the American People that if they do not accept the Bailout Plan that is necessary because of 30 Years of Failed Republican Policies that the Nation will sink into a recession and lose millions of jobs, and not be able to send their children to college or to buy a new car, that doesn't sound much different than the way we have been living the last eight years under the Failed Policies of the Republican Bush Administration and the agenda of the Republican Congress of two years ago.

We hate to clue you in Mr. George "Hoover" Bush, but the American People have been suffering ever since your Republican Policies took hold and started affecting the income of the average American Family. Maybe You didn't notice Mr. George "Hoover" Bush, but Main Street Businesses have been closing in mass since you have assumed the stewardship of our once Great and Noble Nation.

You have given tax breaks to the richest, while the middle class has been driven down, and the impoverished have become desolate. You have squandered the blood and treasure of our Nation on some Cowboy Fantasy of invading a Country to avenge the insult to your Daddy. As of today 4710 American Military Personnel couldn't care if you Bailout your Millionaire buddies again, because they are DEAD, Mr. President. Dead from an invasion that never needed to happen. DEAD because of your Cowboy Diplomacy.

Now, the President pleads for the leaders of both Parties to work together to solve the problem created by the nonsensical economic philosophy of the Republican Party and Their Lobbyists, and Corporate Cronies. The Democrats should refuse. What they should DEMAND is the resignation of You and your entire Administration. Then the problems will be solved.

There is no such thing as a "Death Tax" It is an "Estate Tax", it only affects 2% of the Estates left after Death in America, yet for years we have heard from the Republicans including your flunky, "Me First' McCain that the "Death Tax" must be repealed. The Idea of the "Estate Tax" as prescribed by the Founding Fathers was that an Aristocracy not be created in the United States of America. But of course the greed that is in the soul of the Republican Party can never understand that with the opportunity of America comes the responsibility of contributing. Yes it is your Patriotic Duty to Pay taxes if you are Wealthy. Your Wealth was not created in a bubble. It was created because of the sweat and blood of the working class people who have toiled to build this Country. Yes, even the rich use the Highways and Airports that were built by People being paid substandard wages, even the rich eat the food that is grown by the hard work and sweat of American Farmers.

This Crisis was not created in a bubble, it was created by the faulty policies of the Republican Philosophy of "trickle Down" Economics. Well it is time for the pain and despair of the Republican Economic Policies to "Trickle Up". There are solutions that do not include robbing more of the National Wealth for your millionaire corporatist contributors, and begins with YOUR Resignation.

The only true thing the President said tonight was, "Despite corrections in the marketplace and instances of abuse, democratic capitalism is the best system ever devised", yes that is true the policies of the Democrats are the best policies for Capitalism. He had the nerve to brag about the security of the FDIC, another DEMOCRATIC Program from the Great Depression, yet the Republican Party has seen fit to dismantle the programs of the "New Deal" and that is why we are where we are now. Tell the TRUTH for once in your PRESIDENCY, the Republican Policies are a Failure!
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