Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Proof That Biden was the Wrong Choice

The recent poll numbers are proof that Senator Obama made an awful choice in selecting Senator Biden as his Vice Presidential nominee. Senator McCain made his choice absent of any concern for the Country, not that Senator Obama should have done the same thing but he had a choice that would have been good for the ticket and good for the Country. If Senator Obama had chosen Senator Clinton, the Democrats would have had a lock on the election and would have been installing a Vice President who really understood the complexes of the Government.

The rancor and bitterness of the Primary campaign clouded his judgement. Ideally at the beginning of this whole process the two of them should have decided that it would have been in the best interest of the Nation to have Senator Clinton at the top of the ticket and Senator Obama as the VP. But reason and reality are often absent from politics.

If Senator Obama was the VP for eight years he would still be a young man when he ran for President in 2016, and the People in the heartland would have been more accepting of his capabilities and just maybe some prejudice would have been erased. As it stands now, the Democrats have a good chance of losing this election in typical Democratic fashion, and if they lose the Nation will lose too!!
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