Monday, September 15, 2008

Republican Deregulation Leads to Financial Disaster

Verge of The Next Depression The Republican Mantra still be echoed today by Sarah Palin (she must not have read the memo), since the Reagan days has been Government deregulation. The Republican Administrations of Ronald Reagan, H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress during the G.W.'s term have been systematically dismantling the regulations put into place in the aftermath of the Great Depression. These regulations have served us well and have prevented the excesses of Robber Baron Capitalist, as was the case in the late 1920's that led to the Great Depression of the 1930's.

The Republicans keep saying that Government has to stay out of the way of business so they will remove the regulations that insure that business plays the Capitalism Game in a way that is fair and reasonable and good for the Nation. So where do we stand after years of Government Regulations being ignored by the regulators of the Republican Administration? We stand on the verge of economic collapse. Even in today's Press Conference the Secretary of Treasury spoke disparagingly of Government Regulations, and spoke of streamlining them.

The Republicans have had their way by fooling the People with issues such as Gay Marriage, Terrorism and Race to win elections while they systematically have robbing the Treasury and the Capital Markets of the Nation. The Republican philosophy of "trickle down" economics is now working in reverse, the pain of the failed economic policies of the Republican Philosophy is now collapsing the Financial Markets and Companies who lobbied the Republican Party with large cash contributions, to remove Government oversight.

Now Senator McCain runs on a promise of change, after 30 years in Washington accepting the lobbyists money and preaching the Republican Philosophy of deregulation. They will not be satisfied until there are two distinct classes of Citizens, the Super Wealthy and the Servant Class.

They will use the money of the working and middle class top bail out the Companies of their contributors, the Companies where the Salaries for Executives is in the tens of millions of dollars a year as they blame the regulations they that dismantled and failed to enforce. The McCain/Palin ticket will be a continuation of Government, by, for and of the Corporations and their lobbyists. They campaign on a Slogan of "Country First", when everything they stand for is " Corporation First".

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