Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stop The Robbery

The Republican Vision of America

Let's look at the facts. Since the so called "Reagan Revolution" which was basically a movement by greedy self proclaimed conservatives have pushed the Republican Party and made the Democratic Party acquiesce to their wishes have systematically taken apart the safe guards put on the Financial Industries by the Roosevelt "New Deal" that kept them from gambling with their liquidity thus insuring their solvency.

The results of all the deregulation and the lack of oversight from the Bush Republican Administration has put the American Economy at the edge of the abyss. Now after years of the CEO and Executives of the Financial Companies plundering the wealth of these companies, they suddenly realize that there is no more to take, so now they want the Government to provide them with more cash so that they continue to take them extraordinary salaries, bonuses and expense accountants. We have small business that can't even get a $5,000 loan to enable them to hang on through this Republican Economic Failure, yet the Republican Administration wants the Congress to approve over 1 Trillion dollars worth of welfare to these companies.

These Companies and their Executives should do what the rest of the Citizenry has had to do during this punishing economic policy of the Republican Administration. The average person has had to work harder, get extra jobs, sell their assets, lose their homes to the same greedy executives who now want the Government to provide them Welfare. This from the Republican Party that refuses to feed the hungry in this Country, or offer aid to the impoverished, but yet they have no qualms about providing Trillions of dollars to millionaires.

This is the TIME for DEMOCRATS to STAND UP AND SAY NO. Save the PEOPLE, let the millionaires get a job, sell their homes, and luxury cars, and boats, and vacation homes. The McCain's have 13 Cars and nine houses, how many houses and cars do these banking and insurance executives own, let them sell them and put the money into the companies that they pilfered.

If the Government has the ability to give out 1-2 trillion dollars divide it among the American People and send it to them equally, not all to the few and none for the rest. The Typical Republican Policies are at work again, money for the wealthiest and spit for the rest of us.

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