Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin And The Wallsia Assembly of God Cult

Who is Sarah Palin? We have learned that she is a Mother, a former mayor, the current Governor of Alaska, a Republican, an anti-abortionist, a supporter of the Bush Administration, a believer in the Republican Party Ideology of "trickle down economics", a hunter, a fossil fuel advocate, a war monger, a Christian, and a member of Assemblies of God Church in Wallisa. She kills moose, hunts wolves from helicopters, believes that the Invasion of Iraq was God's will.

Her Republican political policy views should not exclude her from being in line to be the leader of the Free World, if she gets elected through a fair election, by the laws of free and fair elections as prescribed in the United States Constitution, she is entitled to hold the office to which she is elected.

Normally, in the course of a Presidential Campaign the American Public becomes familiar with the candidate's biography, political ideology, policy ideas and vision of the future of our Nation. Sarah Palin was thrust upon the American Public by the Republican Party Presidential Nominee John McCain. Although there is much dispute of how she was actually chosen and why, some reports have her being chosen by a group of Right Wing Christian Ministers led by the leader of Focus on The Family. These reports imply that the Right Wing Christian Base of the Republican Party would not put forth any effort for the McCain Campaign unless they picked the Vice Presidential Nominee. No matter what the story, John McCain nominated Sarah Palin, and although he campaigns on a slogan of "Country First", his selection of Sarah Plain in no way put the "Country First". In fact, it put McCain's own unexplainable ambition to be President first, no matter what the cost to the Nation. Even if we assume that Ms. Palin has all the knowledge needed to be the leader of the Free World, we still have a major character flaw bordering on insanity that should prevent her from being elected to the highest office in the land.

The religious convictions of Ms. Plain will cloud her judgement in regards to serving in the Secular Government of the United States. Ms. Palin's Church Affiliation with The Assemblies of God Church in Wallisa, AK boarders on cultism, if not outright lunacy. (See Video Player Above). The beliefs of this Church are hardly main stream Christian, in fact the National Assemblies of God organization thinks that this Church is too extreme to be a member of their conclave. The Church that Ms. Palin is steeped in in as much a cult as the Branch Davidians under the Leadership of David Koresh. If you watch the above videos you will see that the members of this Church believe that they can raise people from the dead, heal the crippled, make Jesus touch people through cell phones, they have organismic psychotic episodes, talk in tongues, look forward to the defeat of non-Christians, believe that non-Christians are the enemy, believe that they can create portals to God in their Church, believe that God will bless oil pipelines and war. As you watch the ceremonies in the videos above you will see teachers (who taught Sarah) explain delusional experiences that happened during worship.

When watching these videos, the Branch Davidians and the Jim Jones incident kept coming to my mind. I can't think for you, you will have to decide, do you really think America should have a leader who believes in delusions and illusions that would get most of us committed to mental institutions?

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