Sunday, September 7, 2008

Will Sarah Answer Questions?

Sarah Palin

After a week of the Republicans swearing by the competence and experience of their new Vice Presidential Nominee you think that she would have been all over the Sunday Talk Shows dazzling us with her Knowledge of Foreign Policy, Economic Theories and Constitutional Law. However, Sarah Palin was nowhere to be seen.

Does the McCain Campaign really think that they will be able to shelter her from questions from now until the election? Do they plan on feeding her speeches and keeping her by McCain's side to add some life to the stage when he speaks. Will Sarah Palin become the lone McCain Cheerleader adding vigor to the McCain rallies where he promises us change from the Staus Quo, even though he is the Staus Quo.

When will they let Sarah speak? The Nation is waiting to hear from her on the broken Republican policies of the last eight years. We want to know how she will stop McCain from being in the lobbyists pockets when his whole campaign is run by lobbyists. Do they have her in Republican Re-education classes where Carly Fiorina, McCain's Economic Adviser will teach her that Gas prices have "no effect" on the economy, as she told a morning cable financial news show? Or is Sarah Palin studying under the tutelage of Senator Gramm, who will teach her that America is a Nation of whiners, and that the recession is all in our minds.

When will Sarah be ready to answer the Constitutional questions of our time or tell us her plans to stop nuclear proliferation, ( hopefully she will learn how to say nuclear by that time). The Nation is waiting Sarah, we hope your education will be completed soon so we can hear the wonderful future that you dream for our Nation.

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