Friday, October 31, 2008


On the verge of an historic election is not the same as making it happen. The electorate must not be complacent. No matter what the polls in your State are saying, we all must still do whatever it takes to get out and vote and show the current power structure that is funded by the fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex that enough is enough. We will not sit idly by and watch the last vestiges of our freedoms, rights and liberties be stolen again by phony black box computerized voting machines. Today's mantra by the right wing is that McCain is in the lead. There is no way in the world that McCain is in the lead. They are trying to set us up for another election night steal. Complacency will allow them to do it.

Now is not the time for complacency, we must fight to wrest our Nation back from the daemons who have stolen our wealth, sent our fellow citizens to waste away in an occupation of attrition, and sucked the soul from our National Consciousness. Enough is Enough. Do not fall for these lies and innuendos fostered upon us by the Billion Dollar Republican Think Tanks, Pollsters and Pundits. John McCain is not winning. John McCain is a loser. He is a loser because he has sold his soul to the Republican Right who guaranteed him that he would win if he followed their advice. Their advice was to pick Sarah Palin, a wanna be American Idol that still has trouble telling a third grader exactly what a Vice President does. We can not accept mediocrity anymore. The policies and failures of the Republican Party that began with the Reagan Administration and has carried through to John McCain must be defeated and removed from the halls of our Government. These people are vicious, self centered, greedy, power hungry thugs that must be erased from the pages of our National History. We can no longer allow backward thinking people to administer the government of the greatest human government experiment that this civilization has ever know. We must cease the day, and overwhelming vote to retake our Government from the service of the Corporations and their lobbyists and place the power, and future of our Nation back in the hands of the people of this Great Nation.

It does not matter if you live in a State that is considered safely Republican or safely Democratic, each person must get out and vote, so that even the numbers in the blue States are so overwhelming that there will be no doubt that the People united can not be defeated. It does not matter if you are going to vote Democratic in a State that will remain red, you must turn those numbers so close so that your neighbors will see that the ideals of the Democratic Movement that will restore our Nation are everywhere. If you want to vote to preserve this Nation and put us back on the path to recovery, energy independence, and the restorations of the common decency that is our heritage, then there is only one choice in this election. Vote for the future of our Nation, vote for the ideals and policies that are expressed in the Campaign of Senator Barack Obama.

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