Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Corporate Government

The Republican Party philosophy seems to have disappeared. Since the Reagan fallacy, the Republicans have been touting an agenda of eliminating taxes on the wealthy while dismantling regulation, oversight and governance. They have opposed social services, rebuilding infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, increasing worker benefits, health care, head start, educational initiatives, energy independence, clean air, clean water, corporate tax and immigration reform. They have supported a nominal government, the repeal of the estate tax, lowering of taxes on the wealthy, lowering corporate taxes, lowering capital gains tax, capping the social security tax and letting corporations police themselves.

What have their policies brought us in October 2008. A National Financial Meltdown causing a global financial meltdown. The Republicans solution is to Nationalize the Banks and Financial Institutions by buying equity stakes in the Corporations to prop them up. They still don't realize that the way to build an economy is from the bottom up. McCain and Bush both keep getting on television and saying they believe in the American worker and their resilience to overcome the crisis. They believe in the American worker so much that they have offered no relief to the American worker or their families but have opened the vaults of the Treasury to the wealthy who control the financial institutions. McCain voted against raising the minimum wage 19 times as a Senator, that is how much he believe in the American worker. They believe in the American Worker so much that they have opposed health care for all. They believe in the American worker so much that their policies have shipped most Union Jobs overseas.

Now the Republicans are on the road to fascism and the Democrats don't even whimper, they go along with them and vote yes on Nationalizing the financial system. This is a dangerous precedent which we have seen before, Germany in the 1930's.

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