Sunday, October 5, 2008

Democrats Fail Us Again

So, the Democratic Party bought into the lies of the Bush Administration again. You think that the resolution on Iraq would have taught them something, anything. The Democrats were hoodwinked into voting for the War Resolution that allowed the United States to invade a Sovereign Nation without provocation because of the lies and twisted intelligence that the Bush Administration told them. It took most Democrats years to admit that they were tricked and deceived into supporting the Iraq Policy.

Now The Bush Administration comes to Congress with phony documentation that the Economy is going to collapse unless the Congress turns over the keys to the vault instantly. Without due diligence, without looking objectively at the situation, without offering any innovative or progressive solutions, in other words without leadership, the Democrats went along with the Bush Administration and committed the financial future of the Nation to the a lame duck Administration and Secretary of the Treasury.

The Democrats have failed the leadership test again. Without offering any alternative they believed the same Administration that told us that Iraq had WMD's, that the "War" would be over in months, that we would be greeted as liberators and that the Iraq Oil Money would pay for the War. After THOUSANDS of DEAD Military personnel, and TENS OF THOUSANDS broken, physically and mentally, after Trillions of Dollars, do you thing the Democrats would question the next hair brained scheme that the Bush Administration, absolutely not, they accommodated again, and shamefully Barack Obama failed to lead in the right direction. Instead of proposing a more realistic Economic Recovery Package that would save the American People, he worked towards accomplishing the goals of the Bush Administration. That is a not a good start towards change, Senator Obama.

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