Saturday, October 25, 2008

Georgia is on the Right Track

Recent polls in Georgia show Barack Obama at a virtual tie with John McCain. Georgia is a State that the McCain Campaign thought they didn't have to try to win. It is a State that the Republicans took for granted. It looks, however, that Georgia will be a State that will be too close to call on Election Night. Georgia holds 15 Electoral College Votes, but more than that, it will prove that the Citizens from Coast to Coast, Northern States and Southern States, Midwestern States and Southwestern States, East Coast States and West Coast States see the truth and will shed themselves of the fear that the Republican Party sells and give our Country a fighting chance at survival with our Freedoms, Values, Vision and Soul in tact.

The Great State of Georgia is ready for a Federal Government that won't let States wallow in unemployment, hunger and poverty. A Federal Government that won't try to privatize Social Security and allow the money to be gambled on Wall Street, as John McCain supported.

The Citizens of Georgia realize that too many of their sons and daughters have died, been maimed and returned home broken from a Illegal Corporate Occupation of a Sovereign Nation. The Citizens of Georgia are ready for a Federal Government that will invest in clean, renewable, alternative energy and move the Nation to a new vision of prosperity based upon a new energy. An Energy Economy that will be based on using the Natural Resources that are provided by Nature. An Energy Economy that does not burn our assets but rather an Energy Economy that is based on innovation and renewal fostered by a Federal Government that is constantly renewing and providing a blue print towards a better Nation.
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