Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain and His Friends

The McCain/Palin rallies have turned into vicious antagonist attack forums on Senator Obama. Senator McCain and Governor Plain have taken the political campaign into the spectrum of dangerous personal attacks upon the opposition, and are encouraging unwarranted actions.
They should present their ideas, policies and agenda instead of inciting crowds of angry people with unfounded, malicious attacks. Yesterday Senator McCain acquiescing to the angry crowd said, " we do have a right to know who his (Obama's) friends are. "
Then Senator McCain the American people also have a right to know who your past associates are:
Charles Keating - Major McCain Contributor - Center of S&L Crisis
Ken Lay - Eron
Ralph Reed - Lobbyist
Jack Abramoff - Lobbyist
Jack Oliver - Lobbyist
Charlie Black- Lobbyist
Wayne Berman - Lobbyist
Randy Scheunemann - Lobbyist
Frank Donatelli - Lobbyist
Top Campaign Contributor to McCain:
Citigroup - Sub prime Scandal
Merrill Lynch - Sub prime Scandal
Goldman Sachs - Sub prime Scandal
Bank of New York Mellon - Sub prime Scandal
Lehman Brothers - Sub prime Scandal

Senator McCain has now gotten to the point of desperation trying to blame Senator Obama for the financial crisis. This is indicative of the McCain thought process, in one sentence he says that Obama doesn't have the experience to be President because he has only been a Senator a short time, in the next sentence he blames Obama for a worldwide economic crisis. In April Senator McCain told us he doesn't know much about the economy, now he tells us he knows how to fix the worst economic crisis that the world has ever seen. Yesterday in Pennsylvania he addressed a crowd as "my fellow prisoners", obviously this man does not have all his mental faculties and cannot be trusted in any public office never mind being President when his first decision is to take a running mate that doesn't even have a basic understanding of the function of the United States Government and has a husband who belongs to a political party that believes that Alaska should secede from the USA. And talk about Reverends and Churches, Sarah Palin belongs to a Church that believes they are anointed by God to rule the world, they talk in tongues, believe in raising the dead, and condemning all those of other religions.
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