Tuesday, October 7, 2008

John McCain Calls You "Friend"

During Tonight's Presidential Debate John McCain invoked the phrase "My Friends" countless times, as if by calling us his "friends" we will somehow join him in his alternate reality. Throughout the debate John McCain claimed positions on issues that he never acted upon in his twenty-six years in the Senate. His mantra of I know how to fix Washington is getting really tiresome coming out of the mouth of a Senator of Twenty-Six Years who has been in the lobbyists pockets for most of those years.

Mr. McCain was a central figure in the failure of the S& L 's in the 80's with his involvement in the Lincoln Savings Banks founder and major McCain Contributor Mr. Keating. Yet, McCain with a straight face and a forced sincerity in his voice looks the American People right in the eye and claims that he is not an insider in Washington. He even went as far as to distance himself from an Energy Bill that the Bush/Cheney Administration supported by claiming that he opposed it and Obama voted for it. Does John McCain think that we are going to believe that Senator Obama is a Bush supporter and will carry out a third term of Bush policies, does he not realize that we all know that Bush is A Republican, Cheney is a Republican, and Palin is an unqualified, uneducated, don't care about the Country, Republican Mistake for Vice President. If John McCain cared one ounce for the destiny of our Nation, there is not a single reason why he would have chosen Sarah Palin, other than his own selfish, blind ambition to become the President before his death. With his health history and his age it is highly unlikely that McCain would finish out a four year term, and the Nation would be stuck with the political choice of John McCain as the President of a Nation in crisis. That is not putting the Country First , Mr. McCain, that is putting McCain first and telling the Country that you don't care if she becomes President because you will be dead. Very similar to the Bush comments that he doesn't care what history thinks of him because he will be dead.

Throughout the Debate McCain kept twisting his words to try to convince us that he is the fresh new face of change while standing next to a Democratic who has stood for change, preached change and has a policy of change. Even the McCain Campaign realized that the first four slogans were not grabbing the attention of the voters they switched their slogans to reflect that the Republicans are the candidates of change, even though the Bush/Cheney Republican Administration was supported by McCain 90% of the time.
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