Saturday, October 18, 2008

Less than 100 Days of Bush - Part 2

Bush Celebrates McCain Birthday during Hurricane Katrina

It has been a long, arduous, painful, sickening seven plus years since the Bush Administration was created. We have lived through the attacks of 9/11/01, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the plundering of the Treasury, the dilution of the Bill of Rights, the dismemberment of the Geneva Convention, the appointment of an unconfirmed UN Ambassador, the phony press credentials and questions of Jeff Gannon, the establishment of GITMO, rendition, the steady stream of Republicans who resigned from Congress in disgrace, the phony terror alerts and on and on and on and on.

One of the worst incidents of the Bush Presidency and one that reflects the backwards philosophy that the Republicans have perpetrated on the Nation is the response to Hurricane Katrina. An American City was devastated, American Citizens were drowning, television crews were showing people in distress and the response by the FEMA and the Federal Government was minimal. The United States of America Federal Government failed to rescue an American City. Nothing could emphasize the failure of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration more than the response to Katrina. All the horrors and of Republican Philosophy was brought to the light. The Privatization of FEMA, the Budget Cuts for domestic services all are reflective of the failed Republican Philosophy of Governance. The Director of FEMA was politically appointed to repay him for raising campaign contributions for the Bush Campaign, a man without any skills in managing a crisis or an organization the size of FEMA. Then, when things went awry the lyingRepublicans said that Government failed. Government did not fail, the Republican Bush Cheney Administration FAILED. The failure of FEMA in the immediacy of the disaster was a direct result of Republicans using Government to strip away funding and hire incompetents to run Government Agencies.

Years later, the residents of New Orleans are still homeless. The reason is not because the Federal Government does not have the resources to rescue an American City in peril, the reason is because the Republican Bush Cheney machine would rather spend the money in Iraq supporting an occupation that pays private corporations friendly to the Republican Party and the Bush Cheney infrastructure billions of dollars for no bid contracts.

There are so many policies and incidents during the Bush Administration that were Anti-America and dishonest. The lies and deceit of the Bush Cheney Administration will take decades of research to document, and as they are documented the American People that are still alive who lived through the Republican Bush Cheney Administration will realize the extent of the damage that this Administration has perpetrated on the ideals and foundations of the United States of America.

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