Sunday, October 12, 2008

Less Than 100 Days of Bush/Cheney - Part 1

Yes it is true we have less than 100 days and nights till the end of our long National Nightmare, the Republican Bush - Cheney Administration. In less than four months America will be finished with the most failed Presidency in our History. A Presidency that saw America brought to her knees by the lack of National Security that allowed 19 Foreign Nationals of Arabic descent, most of whom were from Saudi Arabia, with box cutters. This even after Republican President Bush received a Presidential Daily Briefing over 30 days before the attack warning that Air crafts were to be used as weapons in an attack on the United States. This was confirmed weeks later by a warning from foreign intelligence to the United States Intelligence Agencies. Republican George W. Bush was on Vacation, golfing during the month prior to 9/11/01. Republican Dick Cheney was holding secret "Energy Meetings" with oil companies.

With the collapsing of the World Trade Center Towers of 9/11/01, the Republican Bush Cheney propaganda machine became a power that was able to stifle any investigative journalistic attempts at revealing the truth and was able to incite the People to believe that we were at risk of being invaded by an unknown army of radical fundamentalist headquartered in Afghanistan. Ignoring the History of Foreign Invaders getting bogged down in the treacherous terrain of Afghanistan throughout the centuries, and the 1980's collapse of the Soviet Union because of their occupation of Afghanistan, the Republican Bush - Cheney propaganda machine was able to convince the American People and the Congress that an invasion of Afghanistan was in the best interest of the United States. The classic societal mind controls perfected by the German Minister of Propaganda during the rise of the Third Reich was used, create a common enemy, preach nationalism, display flags, banners and slogans and repeat the same phrases in answer to all opposition, while tagging them as treasonous and anti- patriotic.

While terrorizing the American Public with proclamations that they were under a constant threat the Republican Bush Cheney Administration began to swiftly and systematically tamper with the rights guaranteed by the Founders of our Nation in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Congress controlled by a Corporatist Republican Majority and Democratic Minority accused of treason if they opposed, blindly accept the posits of the Republican Bush Cheney War Machine and was spurred on to pass broad sweeping resolutions expanding the power of the Presidency against the Constitution of The United States.

Part two of the Republican Corporate Agenda was to invade Iraq and provide for Corporate private no bid contracts in support of the invasion. Billions of Treasury Dollars and thousands of American lives have since been lost in the preposterous invasion of Iraq under false pretenses and unprovoked. The Republican Bush Administration used the broad powers from a Congressional Resolution to proclaim that Congress had authorized the invasion of Iraq. After swiftly dismantling the sanctioned weakened armies of Iraq, the Republican Bush Cheney Administration settled in to spend unaccounted for billions of dollars in the occupation of Iraq and the no bid contracts awarded to a variety of U.S. Corporations that were major donors to the Republican Bush - Cheney Administration, the Republican Party and the various private propaganda groups that were used to proselytize the Republican Bush Cheney Administration contentions that the invasion and occupation had something to do with U.S. Security.

As the occupation of Iraq progressed, the reasons for the invasion and occupation was constantly changed by the Republican Bush Cheney propaganda ministry. United States Cash Flowed into Iraq under the Control of Paul Bremmer, a Republican Operative put in charge of the American Occupation of Iraq.

The Republican Bush Cheney Administration then proposed the largest growth in the U.S. Government in decades with the formation of the Homeland Security Department, modeled after the Homeland Security Office of Hitler's Germany. The Homeland Security was quickly staff and headed by Republican Bush Cheney ideologues who would preach the party line without question. Whenever polls turned against the Re[publican Bush Cheney Administration they has their Homeland Security Department leader, Tom Ridge, issue hyped out terror threat warnings and imply that those who did not take these warnings seriously were treasonous and anti-patriotic.

President Bush quickly called "major Combat Operations in Iraq are over", and declared "mission accomplished", after which over 4,000 US Military Personnel have died in combat operations in Iraq, and over 20,000 has been wounded, maimed and amputated.
To Be Continued.................................................

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