Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain and Socialism

John Mccain, Lies and Lies

The McCain Campaign continues to fish for an issue that will stick in the throat of the American Public before the election. Week after week the McCain Campaign tries another lie to try to pry votes away from the Democrat Barack Obama. This week the tactic is to call Senator Obama a Socialist and to equate European Governments with the one that Obama will administrate in the United States.

What could be more socialist than the United States Government nationalizing the Banking System? This was accomplished by the Republican Administration of George Bush which John McCain admitted that he supported 90% of the time. The McCain campaign has tried unsuccessfully to use the tried and true Republican tactic of fear. They have tried tying Obama to terrorism, to the inability to lead the military, to raising taxes, to Acorn, and this week to the old reliable "Communist", only this time McCain realizes that the term "Communist" was diluted because of the trade between China, Russia and the U.S., so hoping that Americans still hold some disdain for European Socialism, they are calling him a socialist.

The Republicans continue to try the "tax and spend liberal label" but even that won't stick this time. The Republican Administration of George Bush supported by Republican McCain has presided over the largest growth of Government in the history of the Nation. The Republican Bush Administration policies have caused the largest deficit in U.S. History with over 90% of the votes cast by McCain supporting these policies. At least the Democrats try to pay for the programs they initiate, the Republican Congress along with the Republican Bush Administration supported by the Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain have pent money borrowed from the Communist Countries of China and Russia. In his quest for the Presidency it is clear that John McCain has no dignity, no morals and conscience, he will say and do anything to achieve what he perceives as his right to be President. The problem John McCain is that you have old ideas, with an outdated understanding of the future and you represent the Republican Party that has failed America, that has bankrupt America financially and morally.

The American People do not want to continue the useless occupation of Iraq. The American People do not want our Blood and Treasure wasted in an occupation for the Republican friends in the oil industry. The American People do not want their Social Security bet on Wall Street. The American People are sick and tired of your lies and the lies of your Party.

The absurdity of choosing Sarah Palin is not lost on the American Public. You chose her hoping to divide us, it did not work. The American People have been politically astute are are well aware of the lies and deceit of the Republican party. Ms. Palin has time to be a comedian on a television show, but does not have the time to appear on a normal Sunday Morning Political Show, exactly why is that Senator McCain? This is the woman that you keep proclaiming that you are so proud to have as a running mate, do you fear what she will say on television without a script?

John McCain is trying ti instill fear into the American Public, he will be successful with some, but not many. Hopefully the 17 States that are now in the McCain column will have a mass awakening and realize that a John McCain Presidency will be a continuation of the ruination of our Nation by the Republican Party.

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