Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The McCain Campaign Friends

In Tonight's Debate between McCain and Obama it seems like McCain having thrown down the gauntlet with a steady stream of non-issue attack campaign advertising and a chorus of support from the right wing propaganda media outlets that John McCain is ready to make accusations against Senator Obama concerning past associates. If these happens Senator Obama should not only diffuse the accusations but he should also get down and dirty with the Republican.

The McCain Campaign is riddled with lobbyists who lobbied on behalf of ACORN McCain also spoke at an ACORN rally in support of their work). William Timmons, the man that McCain has chosen to lead his transition should he steal the Presidency was a lobbyists for Saddam Hussein, this might explain why McCain cannot see the truth about Iraq. Going through the list of senior McCain Staffers is like going through a list of who's who of the lobbyist who lobbied on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, the coal industry and the financial services industry. Not to mention McCain's own personnel affiliation with the Telecom industry, and his opposition to providing health care and his vote in favor of big pharmacy that blocked the Federal Government from negotiating for discount prices, a practice that Wal-Mart has no problem doing.

The just announced McCain Economic Plan is riddled with bad ideas and reversals from the policies that the Republican Party and John McCain have supported for the last thirdly years. McCain has consistently fought against Government regulation and now runs around the Country touting the failure of Washington to regulate. Is his mind that far gone that he doesn't remember the last thirty years of his support for deregulation? His running mate keeps saying in her rallies that they are going to clean up Washington and the lobbyists, does she realize that John McCain is one of the problems in Washington for the last thirdly years and the people who prop her up and provide her words are lobbyists who are at the heart of Washington Corruption.

The "maverick" Team that the McCain/Palin campaign keep claiming to be are the product of lobbyists who are trying to maintain their cash cow from the lobbying of Congress that they make their living through. If the person in charge of the McCain Transition is a lobbyists, what reforms will he make? Will he make it easier for lobbyists to gain access to the White House?

Sarah Plain in her rallies besides whipping her supporters in a frenzy with hate filled rhetoric without any policy discussion has become the attack dog that no one can question. Was there ever a Candidate for a Major Political Party running for either President or vice President that didn't hold press conferences or subject themselves to interviews by the broad based press, and not just a select few right wing neo-con commentators?

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