Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain is Blowing in The Wind

The McCain campaign continues to announce "new" programs quicker than a tornado in hopes of coming up with a lie that will stick and save the faltering campaign. Today McCain announced that he will withdraw taxes on unemployment benefits without telling anyone that it was the Republican Congress that voted to tax unemployment benefits in the first place.

No matter how many new policies are announced in the next 21 days the facts remain the same. John McCain throughout his Senate career supported and touted the failed policies of deregulation and trickle down economics as begun by his hero Ronald Reagan. The economic gloom of the present highlight the failure of the Republican Policies of the last 30 years. A new day is needed, an understanding and a policy that realizes the way to make an economy prosperous is to increase the buying power of the working and middle class. An economy grows from the bottom upwards not the other way. Until the Republicans realize as , Teddy Roosevelt did that the best interest of the Nation is served by serving the best interest of the working class and by building and sustaining the middle class.

As much as McCain tries to brand the Democrats as the tax and spend party, history is clear. Every recession and the depression were caused by the Republican policies of taking care of the rich and corporations and ignoring the growth and sustainability of the middle class. The Republican Bush Economic Policies are a prime example of the way the Republicans guide the economy, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, and spend, spend, spend with deficit money. The American Economy now has the largest deficit ever because of the Republican Policies supported by John McCain, entrenched U.S. Senator.

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