Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain Meets McCain

Today, Sunday, October 26, 2008, John McCain appeared on Meet the Press and he met John McCain. He seemed very surprised to meet another John McCain, one who wholeheartedly supported the policies of George Bush. This week the John McCain who appeared on Meet the Press has been running around the country running his mouth about the failure of the Bush Administration. When confronted with video showing John McCain saying that he "fundamentally supported all the Bush Policies", he accused the host Tom Brokaw of entrapment. It is funny that John McCain feels entrapped when he meets John McCain.

Whenever Mr. Brokaw confronted John McCain with statements that John McCain has made he either went off in another direction, attacked Barack Obama or denied that he said what the viewer just saw John McCain say on video. It has become so obvious to everyone that John McCain will say anything to win this election, he doesn't care how many lies he has to tell or how many times he has to deny that he said something that we see him saying on video tape.

The entire McCain Campaign is now boiled down to a few talking points; 1. I never said what you just saw me say, 2. Joe the Plumber, 3. Barack Obama is a Socialist, Terrorist, Liberal, Celebrity, Messiah, 4. Sarah Palin is the best choice I could have made for Vice President. Is America really able to elect someone as erratic as John McCain? It might make for an interesting Executive Branch when the Chief Executive can argue with himself, there will be no need for the opposition party to make opposing remarks, John McCain can debate John McCain at the Press Conferences. The Press Can show him a video clip of a statement he made in the morning and then he can deny he said it and give the opposing point of view.

John McCain keeps saying we are in the midst of an historic Economic Crisis and that he should be the one to lead us out of it. Yet, only months ago John McCain on Video Tape said, " I don't know much about Economics, but I bought Greenspan's book". So, that means that John McCain if elected, will enter the White House with the book of the man who just admitted that he is to blame for most of the Financial Cris because he failed to realize the seriousness of regulating Credit Default Swaps. John McCain, as President, will open Alan Greenspan's book and fix the Economy, as soon as he denies that he ever said he doesn't know much about the Economy.

No matter what John McCain did 40 years ago in the Viet Nam War, it does not give him a right to be President. His lack of knowledge and his inability to plot a true course precludes him from becoming the President. We, as a Nation, are on the verge of finishing eight years of constant lies and catering to the Corporations that have bankrupt our nation, we don't need to begin another four years of lies and incompetence.
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