Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Thinks he Knows History

At one of his campaign rallies today Senator McCain compared Senator Obama to Herbert Hoover, then claimed that he knows American History well. Herbert Hoover was a Republican who believed in the power of Government to address social equality, and believed in the regulatory responsibility of Government to protect the People from the abusive power of big Government. McCain tried to tie Herbert Hoover to a tax increase that pushed America into the Great Depression, claiming that Obama calls for the same policy. How many times will McCain tell the same lies. Anyone who reads the proposed Tax Policies of Senator Obama will clearly see that the tax increase is geared towards the top 5% of the wealthiest Americans who have gotten a free ride under the Bush Tax Cuts supported by John McCain.

Judging by his statement John McCain knows little about American History, two weeks ago he compared himself to Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt was on a mission to regulate the large industries that were controlling American Commerce and the labor force. John McCain has said throughout his entire career that he is a "deregulator" (his own word). The failures of the policies of deregulation are upon us now with the current financial crisis that has spread throughout the world. John McCain has said he doesn't know much about the economy, although he likes to deny this a quick search will produce multi videos where John McCain says just that.

John McCain is now grasping at anything from inciting suffering working class people at his rallies into hatred with lies and propaganda to his ever changing policy statements which have no basis in truth judging by his past actions. John McCain supported the Republican Bush idea of privatizing Social Security and investing the money in the stock market, image if they had been able to accomplish this, what would be left of the Social Security money. Now he is touting a Health Care plan that will give tax credits to people to buy health insurance, what good is a tax credit if a person can not afford to purchase a plan? Another amusingly stupid Republican idea.

Too bad John McCain isn't more like Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, at least they recognized the importance of regulating vital industries, and realized that by taking care of workers, you take care of the economy. Both Roosevelt and Hoover believed in Worker's Rights, the right to a fair wage, protection from work place hazards, the right to over time compensation, the right to an 8 hour work day, child labor laws and inspections and regulations of industrial plants.

Both Roosevelt and Hoover also believe in protecting the American Resources from the ravages of Corporate Robber Barons, not a mantra of Drill Here, Drill Now. McCain just can't get it through his stubborn head that drilling will not solve anything. What will solve the American Energy Crisis is a massive investment in alternative renewable energy, but of course he can not support that because he is beholden to the lobbyists of the dead fossil fuel industry.

John McCain does not know HISTORY. He might be nearly as old as American History but that does not mean he learned anything from it. He has changed his positions in the last month more times than we change our socks. One only has to look at his selection for Vice President to how how little and how unrealistic the John McCain quest for the Presidency is and how unconcerned he is for the future of America. Any person who would make the choice to leave Sarah Palin, an uneducated, hate monger, in charge of the free world after their death is hardly a person that can be considered to care for the Future of America.

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