Thursday, October 23, 2008

The McCain/Palin Comedy Team Keeps Rolling

John McCain has decided that his new running mate is Joe. Today he met with a multiple guys named Joe and then introduced them at his rally by pointing to this Joe and that Joe. I really think the man has just lost his mind and is just intent on cruising and telling jokes for the next 12 days because he cannot be seriously running for President of the United States. Every time I watch one of his rallies I keep waiting for the clowns to pop out. This has to be a joke, this is not really a man running for the Presidency of the United States of America, where the financial health of the entire Nation depends on Credit Default Swaps and their value or lack of value. Does this man realize that the fate of the Nation's and the World's banking system relies on finding a solution to an unregulated market that has captured and now holds hostage all of the world's credit tied up in suspect credit default swaps?

The McCain Campaign has announced, yes they have announced, that Senator McCain is on the "Joe The Plumber Tour". This man is off his medications or has early stage dementia. Everyday it is a new catch word, now he he going on a "Joe the Plumber Tour" to show us how he relates to "working people". Yes, the Senator who has spent his adult life living off of the Public Payroll while accumulating 9 Houses and 13 automobiles, and a 10 Million Dollar Parking Lot is now going to tell us that he knows what the working people need and according to him, it is more tax cuts for the wealthy, that will really help the plumbers of the Nation, and a long stay in Iraq, because with 10's of thousands of National Guard on active duty it is that amount that are out of the unemployment calculations.

Senator McCain has proven enough during this Campaign. He has proven that he has no self esteem by his willingness to be cajoled into taking Sarah Palin as his running mate He has shown that he has no dignity by his willingness to change his positions on a whim. He has shown he has no morals by his willingness to run the most hateful, sleazy campaign in modern memory. He has shown he has no vision, by his willingness to cling to the dead hope of the fossil fuel industry. He has shown that he has no convictions by his willingness to trash his Party. Senator McCain has shown his true colors, believe what you see, your eyes do not lie.

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