Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain's Fox and Friends

As the McCain Campaign continues on their path to self destruction the Fox News Network has become a twenty-four hour commercial for the McCain Palin Ticket. The shows on Fox News abound with stories about how the "media" is unfair to the McCain Ticket. Does Fox News realize that they are part of the Media and they have run pro-McCain, anti-Obama stories throughout this election cycle?

As the Election comes down to the wire Fox News has switched from being a propaganda machine for the Bush Administration into a twenty-four hour commercial for the McCain Palin Campaign. The slanders and lies against Senator Obama are non-stop ranging from their normal propagandists to every "guest" that they give air time. Even the Weatherman on Fox and Friends and the Sportscaster get in on the act.

No matter how many lies the Fox News Network tells in the next few days before the election, they cannot stem the tide of lies that John McCain and Sarah Palin continue to tell. This time the American Public will see through the lies.
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