Monday, October 20, 2008

Mississippi, Do It!

Recent Mississippi 2008 Presidential Polls show only a 10% spread between McCain, who is leading and Obama, the underdog. In 2004 Mississippi went for Bush over Kerry by a 59% to 40%. Mississippi has only voted for one Democratic President since 1968. Mississippi also has the distinction of voting all of its Presidential Electoral Votes for a third party candidate, more than any other State in the Union.

The importance of Mississippi turning out in mass, and giving a victory to Obama can not be overstated. It would mean that the Citizens of Mississippi are ready and willing to lead the Nation to a new era of dynamically changing the American Federal Government to one that once again addresses the needs of the Citizens over the business of the Military Industrial Complex and the Fossil Fuel industry to one that cherishes and nurtures the American Individual.

The Nation stands at an enormous crossroads. In fourteen days the Citizens of The United States of America will choose the future course of America, The choices are clear, one candidate wants to continue the occupation of a Sovereign Nation at the cost of American Blood and Treasure, and the other does not. One Candidate believes that the economic policies of the last eight years has made a a better, stronger and richer Nation, one does not. One Candidate believes that by taking care of Corporations, you take care of the American Economy, the other believes that if you take care of the poorest of our Nation you build the American Economy from the ground up. Nothing is built from the sky down, which is the Republican economic philosophy. Every solid structure is built from the foundation upwards, which is the Democratic economic philosophy. If the poorest and economically enabled everyone throughout the economy benefits as goods and services are purchased. Mississippi needs economic growth as much as, if not more than any other State in the Nation.

We need an economy that will grow and prosper based upon the quest for renewable, sustainable, alternative energy. The economic impact of transforming our Nation from the dead Fossil Fuel Era into the new Alternative Energy Era is unmeasurable. The entire fabric of the Nation will need to be changed as we transform from an infrastructure that uses fossil fuels to energize into one that is self sustainable without reliability on any outside forces other than the forces of Nature. It is a vision that one Candidate cannot see as he calls for , "Drill, Baby Drill", and it is a vision that the other Candidate can chew but he cannot quite taste yet. It is still imperative that we chose the Candidate who can at least glimpse the future rather than the one that lives in the past.

Mississippi, look at the past. Look at the Present and look to the future. Mississippians, vote for the future of Mississippi, and vote for the future of the Nation, vote for a future and not a past.
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