Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Misses Opportunity

Senator Obama missed a golden opportunity during the October 15, 2008 Presidential Debate with Senator McCain. The moderator gave each Senator the chance to comment on the other's selection for Vice President. Senator Obama was very gracious in his comments about the selection of Sarah Palin while McCain used the opportunity to point out that Joe Biden is on the "right" side of issues in his eyes.

Senator Obama obviously didn't feel the need to speak negatively about McCain's choice of Sarah Palin and might have felt that it would hurt the campaign more than help him with undecided voters. However, Senator Obama failed to go in for the kill. He should have been prepared for this question and should have slammed McCain for his Vice Presidential Selection.

The Vice Presidential Selection is the first glimpse into a nominee's decisions that he or she will make during their Presidency. Although I personally am not thrilled with Senator Obama's Selection, at least he picked someone who is capable of stepping in and handling the duties of the Presidency. On the other hand, Sarah Palin, what kind of choice is that? Senator Obama should have blasted Senator McCain for his utter disregard for the Nation. His choice of Sarah Palin points out one thing very clearly, Senator McCain does not care how he wins the Presidency as long as he wins.

The Choice of Sarah Palin to be next in line to deal with the intricacies of the current financial crisis, to deal with international affairs, to be in charge of the world's largest nuclear arsenal is a slap in the face to the Nation and her People. Although Senator Obama has committed to running a positive campaign, there are times when the truth needs to be told, and the chance at the debate to tell McCain the truth was one of those times.

Senator Obama is a far better choice than Senator McCain to be the next President of the United States but he must sometimes put away decorum and speak the truth. Senator McCain's Vice Presidential choice is a total affront to any dignity that our Nation has left after the eight years of the Republican Bush Administration. Does anyone believe that a woman who thinks she knows foreign policy because she can see another Country should be in charge of Foreign Policy? Does anyone believe that a Woman who can't hold a Press Conference believe that she is capable of being President? Does anyone believe that a Woman who has memorized a speech and goes from town to town reciting it has any concept of the complexities of running the Nation? By his choice of Sarah Palin, Senator McCain has given us all the middle finger and the salute should be returned to him on November 4th, 2008.

Vote like your Future Depends on it, because it does.

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