Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Has No Clothes

The Republican Party has begun bickering over exactly who bought the Sarah Palin Wardrobe. It was revealed that the McCain Campaign has spent $150.000 on Sarah Palin's Wardrobe, now the campaign is denying it, saying that the RNC bought the wardrobe for their Vice Presidential Diva. The RNC then said it was the McCain Campaign, the McCain Campaign said that the total expenditure would be much less because most of the clothing would be returned because it was not the right size. In the middle of the wardrobe malfunction it was revealed that the largest weekly expenditure on personnel was the makeup artists that accompany the McCain Campaign. Are you confused yet?

All this from a Campaign that has taken on "Joe the Plumber" as their mascot. This from the "maverick" who claims to be on the side of "Joe Six Pack" as Sarah likes to call the working class. Is it abundantly clear now that the McCain Campaign is nothing more than a traveling side show, a traditional medicine man moving from town to town selling elixirs in pretty bottles that do not work. Today McCain said, "I will fix the Economy". This from a medicine man who said only months ago that the "Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong". From a man who months earlier said, "I don't know much about the Economy". This from the Man who said," I support the economic policies of George Bush".

Is the picture clear yet? John McCain cannot be the President of the United States, and Sarah Palin cannot be the Vice President of the United States, only one seventy two year old heartbeat away from the Presidency. John McCain is a 1800's traveling salesman who changes the labels on his bottles of elixir as he moves from town to town. Each bottle is filled with the same water, but the labels say, Economy Fixer, De-regulator, Regulator, War Monger, Tax Cutter, Driller, Alternative Energy, Middle Class Healer and they are all filled with the same substance, the poisonous lies of John McCain.

The absurdity of the Sarah Palin pick is enough to disqualify John McCain from being elected President, but all his other erratic policies should be more than enough for any clear headed person to see that this man is an egotistical demented maniac who probably never had proper mental health treatment upon his return from the Hanoi Hilton. He debates himself, lies roll off his tongue as easily as the rest of us say "hello". He is practiced at the art of deception and hopefully after eight years of Republican Deception, we as a Nation can now move forward and bring our Nation into the future.
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