Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sarah Palin - Attack Dog With Lipstick

The McCain campaign has put their VP nominee Sarah Palin in the role of vicious attack dog. She goes from rally to rally giving the same speech, linking Senator Obama to a string of lies, innuendos and accusations while stirring up the crowds and ignoring shouts of hostility from the crowd towards Obama. The Straight Talk Express has been anything but, and has now sunk to the depths of slander politics.

In the course of a "normal" campaign when the VP nominee goes into a town, he or she would meet with as much local press as possible, this is not the case with Ms. Palin. The McCain Campaign will not let her step out of their protective custody and talk to the press. Doesn't every American see this as an aberration of the Political System, that we will never hear from the Vice Presidential Candidate in any forum other than a stock campaign speech.

From the beginning McCain said that his campaign would be an honest and truthful campaign, McCain has failed to live up to either of those promises and has basically stuck his middle finger up to Americans with the Nomination of Sarah Palin. Shouldn't the press be able to question M Palin on the current worldwide economic crisis, her view of it, her thoughts on resolving it? After all, Ms. Palin is running as the Vice Presidential running mate of a 72 year old man with a history of cancer and a cancer that has at most an 8 year remission time, of which 7 years have already passed. Doesn't the American People deserve to know if she is any more than a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull with Lipstick.

Senator McCain has shown the America People what he thinks of America by the nomination of Sarah Palin, basically he is saying, if I am not around, I don't care what happens to the rest of you. He has given us the Alaskan version of Elle Mae Clampet to run the Nation after his demise. The Sarah Palin choice is all the reasons that any voter needs not to vote for Senator McCain.

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Bear said...

Can't deal with the truth can you? ACORN, Ayres, Rezko, Wright. Where are the lies?

Political World said...

ACORN, Ayres, Rezko, Wright. Where are the lies?

None of which have anything to do with policies or the Obma Campaign.