Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sarah Palin Show

The Nation is breathless waiting for the prime time speaking role of Sarah Palin on the Network debut of the Sarah Palin situation comedy show. It is said that she has studied hard and has memorized her script perfectly. She will deliver the memorized lines attacking Senator Obama and the policies that he proposes for the future of America. We are persuaded by the Republican Spin Machine that we should not expect much substance because when she speaks about substantive issues the press "mocks" her, as she told CBS News in the Couric interview.

So our expectations should not be raised, the Republican Spin Machine and the McCain Campaign have told us for almost a week now that Sarah is being unfairly victimized by harsh Press Coverage, therefore, she will deliver her lines as if she is speaking directly to the middle class voter and she will not lower herself to discuss real issue with the condescending reporters.

The economy might actually receive a boost today, I don't know about you, but I am certainly going to scrap together a few dollars and buy some beer and pretzels and enjoy a fresh new situation comedy show for 90 minutes tonight followed by hours of Republicans telling us what a great show Sarah had while they choke on their words as they leave their mouths. They are going to tell us what a great asset she will be when she holds the Executive Power of the United States Vice President. I especially can not wait for her to explain the intricate details of mark to market proposals by the Secretary of the Treasury that will free up bank assets. I hope she put effort into her rehearsals, I haven't watched a television sit-com in a long time.
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