Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Save Our Nation - Vote

The upcoming election will determine the policies that are pursued over the next four years that will dictate the swiftness with which we enter the future. One Candidate wants to cling to the past and continue on a path of burning our assets with fossil fuels, the other realizes that the future of our Nation depends on an Energy Revolution. One Candidate wants to continue the economic and tax policies that favor the rich and hopes that enough crumbs fall off the table to support the other classes of people, the other wants to rebuild the economy with a purposeful policy that will rebuild the infrastructure of the Nation while providing jobs and a living wage and he knows that the growth will enable all income levels to rise up again as they did in the 1990's under the last Democratic President.

One Candidate wants to use our Military to continue to occupy Sovereign Nations, while the other wants to use our Military to protect our vital interests. One Candidate has supported the Bush Policies, one has not. One candidate believes that the Economy should be run by the Corporations the other does not. One Candidate believes in appointing judges that will have a hands off outlook on Political Policy while dictating Social Policy, the Other does not.

There are two very clear and distinct choices in this election, just as there was four years ago. Four years ago, the election results were questionable but we have lived with the results. The Nation has suffered on every level. This year it is necessary for the American People to sift through the lies and elect the Candidate that will lead the Nation into the future.
Vote November 4, 2008.
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