Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Weeks to Go

In exactly two weeks we will know if the country will head towards a new future with the election of Senator Obama or if we will continue to cling to the past with the election of Senator McCain. Senator Obama seems to believe that the past eight years have been a failure, and Senator McCain continues to tout the righteousness of the last eight years.

The McCain Campaign continues to speak about a "victory" in Iraq without telling us exactly what it is we are trying to "win", and what it is that we will "win". His running mate when challenged by hecklers always says. " the troops are fighting for your right to protest". The Iraq invasion has nothing to do with our rights in America. This is just another Republican twist of verbiage.

The policy that can change the course of America is our Energy Policy. The Federal Government under the next Administration must commit to massively funding the change from a fossil fuel economy to an alternative, renewable economy. We must stop burning our assets with fossil fuels, and start growing our assets with a leadership in alternative renewable technology and implementation. Hopefully, when we wake up in two weeks, the United States will be on the path to a new beginning.

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